• 13C (C=O) labelled heparin (porcine)

13C labelled heparin (on C=O of N-acetyl groups)

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Technical Note13C labelled glycosaminoglycans for NMR, mass spectrometry and FTIR experiments
We offer two distinct 13C labelled forms of both heparin and heparan sulfate. In each polysaccharide, the naturally occurring N-acetyl groups have been replaced by 13C labelled N-acetyl groups so that their original chemical structures and, hence, biochemical properties are retained.
The 13C labelled heparin and heparan sulfate products [see below*] have each been labelled at different positions in the N-acetyl group (either on the CH3 or on the C=O groups) allowing the polysaccharides to be traced by techniques capable of distinguishing 13C from 12C which include NMR or FTIR and  mass spectrometry.
 *There are two carbon atoms in the N-acetyl function; one is in the methyl (CH3) group and the other is the carbonyl (C=O) group. The 13C signal of each of these is reported at distinct chemical shift values in NMR (around 24 and 175 ppm respectively) and so can be distinguished easily.

Potential applications
These products can be used to examine competing processes, such as protein binding and competition, involving comparisons between heparin and HS, or even to probe the possibility of forming protein-polysaccharide complexes containing more than one HS or heparin chain, by virtue of one type of polysaccharide chain bearing 13C labelled methyl groups and another, 13C labelled carbonyl groups.

13C (C=O) labelled heparin (porcine)

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